Version 6.7 online


  • product update of Hasslacher

Change from http to https

Important note

Due to changing the web server from http to https, it may be necessary to reload or reinstall the CLTdesigner! If you have linked the CLTdesigner as a program, please clear the Java cache and reload.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Version 6.6 online


  • product update of KLH
  • national annex of the Netherlands
  • Dutch translation

New website

Important note for users registered before launching the new homepage

The access data of the old homepage were not ported. Please register again.

Version 6.0 online


  • Module Horizontal load distribution on shear walls
  • Module Stiffness matrix
  • Module Continuous beam - extension of concentrated loads, PDF-export of detailed results
  • Products from Cross Timber Sytstems

8,000th User

The CLTdesigner counts now the 8,000th User and was requested round 125,000 times!

There are 66 nations represented - Italy (64%), Germany (7%), Austria (7%) and Spain (4%).